Sunday, November 13, 2011

Proverbs to live by

How will you finish your journey in life?

Will you finish strong? Will you leave behind a lasting legacy?

The older I get, the greater the impact this thought has on me. How will I finish?

All over the news is the story of the scandal that has rocked Penn State. Joe Paterno, the symbol of Penn State football has had his career and life come to a grinding halt---because he did not step-up and do MORE in the child abuse scandal at his school.

History is replete with those who did not finish well, both secular history and Biblical history.

We need the grace of God in our lives to finish well.

We need the wisdom of God to finish well.

We need the counsel of others to finish well.

We need humility to finish well.

We need to feel the impact of others who have not finished well.

Our great God, we come before you in brokenness and deep humility acknowledging our needs, we confess without your grace our lives will come to a grinding halt.

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