Saturday, October 29, 2011

(3) The Art Of Communication

 Here are four simple questions that your can ask yourself to see how you think of yourself as a communicator:

1. What is your personal definition of the word "communication"?

2. Is communicating with your spouse difficult for you?
Often            Sometimes                Almost                   Never

3. Does your mate seem to have difficulty understanding what you mean?
Often           Sometimes               Almost                    Never  

4. What do your think your mate would say about your ability to communicate?
Great                                   So-So                                             Well

This communication ability or lack thereof is put in the context of husband and wife, but the principles of communication can be applied to all of our relationships.

Next blog we will look at the power of words.

A little preview-Our words can heal,support, help, encourage, or they can do tremendous damage.

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