Monday, November 14, 2011

Fifth Grade Science Class

Every now and then I will do some substitute teaching. I randomly choose what grade level and subject to teach. I recently choose to teach the Fifth Grade Science Class.

Now anyone who has tried their hand at subbing knows that it is a hit or miss game. And the question was answered for me; "are you smarter than a fifth grader."

As I started to prepare for the day's lesson, I discovered that I would be teaching a topic that I didn't know much about. So, as any good sub would do, I pulled out my SMART phone and started to ask for some help. 

I asked my smart phone to explain the difference between a longitudinal wave, transverse wave, and a standing wave. I also needed to know the difference between a mechanical wave and an electromagnetic wave, phew! I learned that mechanical waves differ from electromagnetic waves in that mechanical waves need a medium (particles) in order to move.

 My fifth grade science lesson got me to think how God uses the medium of trials in our lives to make us grow.

James 1:2-4 tell us, all trials that test our faith produce christian character and will make us mature and complete in our christian walk.

So just like sound waves need a medium to move, so the believer needs trials to grow. Trials are the medium through which the believer must travel in order to be moved, stretched, and grown.

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