Monday, May 14, 2012


Let's start with the creation account given in the book of Genesis, for it is recorded that "man was created in the image of God;" now, much has been written about what this image looks like, but I think that  it would be safe to assume that language, creativity, love, holiness, immortality and freedom would all be attributes that man possesses that make him in the image of God.

All of the human race bear the image of God---we as humans will always bear the image of God. I believe that I'm on safe theological ground by saying we all share a basic human goodness---this would be considered common grace (for you theologians).

We all want healthy children, good homes, world peace, we don't like to see injustice, or people being bullied. People come together when there are natural tragedies, and we all pitch in to help rebuild schools, hospitals, and family homes.

So, it is a safe bet to describe man as being civic, having a certain morality, and that he contributes to his culture and society. We then all posses a relative goodness that enables us to help each other.

But something happened to this "image of God" in man; and this account detailing what happened can also be found in the book of Genesis (chapter three). Theologians and the Church has called it "the fall," both Catholicism and Protestantism agree that man is born with original sin.

The" image of God" in man had been severely marred and disfigured because of the fall. The human race is a fallen race that needs to be redeemed, yes! we need a Redeemer.

Now when man lifts his sights and sees the holiness of God it is then that he recognizes that his goodness is not that good. When we allow the righteousness, holiness, and purity of the Father of Lights to shine into our inner being we will then know that "all our righteousness is as filthy rags" (Isaiah 64:6).

Our good deeds can never ever, ever, ever, ever, make us right with God, again we need to be redeemed.We need God's unmerited favor to be poured out upon us , we need His Mighty Arm to rescue us from our brokenness and fallen condition.

To answer my question: While the image of God is still seen in man, and we see evidences of that image in "good things that are done by man, nevertheless, man is fallen, helpless, and in need of a Savoir, because before God he has no goodness to offer; we as fallen sinners can only receive His grace and mercy.

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