Monday, April 23, 2012

What about a doubting attitude? Do you have one?

Wow, does the weekend fly by!
In our last post we discussed how we need to "put on" an attitude of love and "put off" a critical attitude.

 In today's blog we'll be looking at the dangers of carrying around an attitude of doubt.

Those who make doubting their lifestyle will spend their lifetimes in the wilderness.

Some may say that doubt is not an attitude, but oh yes, it is. James MacDonald in his book Lord Change My Attitude (BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE) describes doubt as " a lack of confidence or assurance that God will keep His promises."

We choose to trust what God says in the Bible, so both faith and trust are attitudes, and remember that attitudes are patterns of thinking that are formed over long periods of time. We want to develop attitudes of trust and confidence in the promises that God has given to us in His Word.

Go back to your Sunday School days and call to mind all of those who walked in faith, in addition recall all those who walked in doubt (remember Peter).

Be known as a man or woman of faith---allow God to remove those areas of doubt in your life---be with people who walk in faith---it does rub off, that is why the Bible tells us not to be with "bad company" for bad company can corrupt good character" ( 1 Cor. 15:33).

I must confess my own lack of trust and my own doubting attitude from time to time. Instead of praying about a circumstance or person my first natural inclination is to "fix it". This is certainly an area of my life that God has put his finger on more than once.

Child of God, believe all that God has said in His Word---those promise are for your comfort and edification; if a guest invites you over for a surf and turf dinner you would surely partake, so it is with all the riches in God's Word, come and partake in His faithful promises to you and to His Church.

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