Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day with Caleb

Yesterday I had my day with Caleb (my five year old grandson), it was a great time as we put together a raised vegetable garden with a fence to keep the critters away. We filled the raised garden with a lot of good rich top soil, and even added some mushroom soil.

He was so excited as we put the fence up, he wanted to participate in every detail of the project. We then went to Lowe's to purchase some cold weather veggies: broccoli, romaine lettuce, red lettuce, and what they call butter crunch lettuce.

I was blessed to be able to spend the day with Caleb.

 Let me share one thought that was floating around in my mind the whole day that we were together---I was praying throughout the day, how can I introduce Christ to my lovely grandson? how can I introduce Godly principles? how can I during the natural flow and rhythm of the day interject Kingdom living?

As I look at this beautiful little boy, I know that he is a sinner ( Rom.3:23; Isaiah 53:6), I know that he needs to come into a "right relationship to God," I know that Caleb's heart is in a natural state of rebellion against God.

So my prayer is---just as we planted our veggies... with the care that we will provide for our veggies---we will water, cultivate the soil, feed them plant food, and then eventually see fruit---it is my desire that God will use me to do all I can to point Caleb to the One who can produce the fruit of salvation in his life.

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