Thursday, April 26, 2012

We All Have a Rebellious Heart Towards God!

Our last and final attitude that we will deal with is the attitude of rebelliousness. So, lets list the negative attitudes that we have covered so far: a complaining attitude, a critical attitude, a covetous attitude, and a doubting attitude.

By now we all should be saying that we need an attitude adjustment!

 Now what is a rebellious attitude?

I was born with a rebellious heart that doesn't want to submit to the authority of God in my life, I want to be free and independent of God, free to do what I want to do when and how I want to do it.

A rebellious attitude exists in every human heart, in fact, you inherited your rebellious heart from Adam. Now my topic does not allow me to get into Pelagianism (a fifth century teaching that taught that each soul was directly created by God and thus man was born without a sinful nature), but Romans, 5:12-21, emphatically states that because of Adam’s sin, all of his descendants have been made sinners (rebels against God). 

 We all see that we have a rebellious attitude when we are confronted with the Bible's declaration that "all have sinned and come short of God's glory" (Rom. 3:23). If there was anything that ever shed light on our rebellious hearts, it is the teaching of the Bible that says we are sinners who are separated from God ( Rom. 5:12; Eph.2:3; 1john 1:8).

We need to see ourselves clearly; that is we need to see our true condition through the pages of Scripture, and I must admit it is not a good picture. We are in rebellion against the King of the universe, and it took the King to give us a new nature that is pleasing to Him, and that is what the Bible means for the call to be "born again."

In our next post we will examine the attitude of submission, it is the attitude that we need to "put on" to replace our rebellious attitude.

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