Friday, October 14, 2011

Thinking about the Charismatic Movement

Recently one of my daughters started attending a Vineyard Association Church in North Carolina, so I started to do a little home work on the Vineyard Association of Churches.         

I discovered that Vineyard is not so much a denomination as an association of local independent churches. I provided my daughter with a link that gave the history of how this movement started

I told my daughter :  
This Association of Churches is evangelical, one of their beliefs is that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still operational in the Church today, so you will see an emphasis on healing, tongues, and probably words of prophecy. That being said,each local church is independent, so each local church will probably have its own flavor or emphasis. 

If there is any interest I would like to discuss the sign gifts and debate whether or not they are still operational in the Church today?

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