Friday, February 10, 2012


I was reading the Drudge Report this morning and came across this headline that grabbed my attention: 

BREAKING: Sources Say Man Arrested By Secret Service At Romney Event Worked For Colorado Dems


The article was about a student at the University of Colorado Denver who was arrested by Secret Service for trying to throw glitter at Mitt Romney.

The article goes on and states that sources are telling Colorado Peak Politics that the "glitter bomber" worked for the Colorado state Senate Democrats. At the heart of the article the Colorado Peak Politics says this: 


"Glitter bombing has become a tool of liberal gay rights activists who somehow in their deluded minds think that throwing glitter at politicians will change their views on gay marriage.
Just as Occupy Denver thought defecating on public property would reduce income inequality, liberal activists seem to think drawing unflattering attention to themselves will do something other than just embarrass themselves.
What is already a stupid and counterproductive act -- throwing glitter, really? -- becomes much more serious when it is used with a Secret Service protectee. As Roger Simon of Politico has said, the Secret Service has no way of knowing if the substance is glitter or anthrax."

This got me to thinking, have we as followers of Christ ever been guilty of throwing "glitter bombs" at those who are not following Christ? What do I mean?---how about when we callously throw out Bible verses at others, when we use the Romans Road or Four Spiritual Laws without any compassion or love (as if our methods are going to change the minds and hearts of unbelievers), or if we evangelize just  to put another "evangelistic notch" in our spiritual belts.



 Do we think that anyone will come into the Kingdom of Christ by mechanical methods or formulas that we have become so adept at using to evangelize? Do we think that our witty presentations will win people to our risen Savoir (or do we just bring unflattering attention to ourselves instead of really pointing others to Christ)? Have we become at times like the "salesman" who is just trying to sell a product?



God forbid and God forgive us if we have walked down this cold and carnal road. I once was told that we should "weep when we talk about hell with a person who is not following Christ" ---to which  I reply amen!

Take the time and go through the Gospel accounts and study how Christ interacted with "sinners" we'll find the perfect balance of truth and mercy.

God our Father help us to "speak the truth in love," to never forget that we ourselves were once lost and in darkness until You opened our eyes to Your Salvation. Never let us forget that it is Your Holy Spirit who regenerates the unsaved heart to come alive to You; give us the understanding to trust in Your work of grace and to know that "salvation is of the Lord."





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