Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What a lesson we believers need to learn. We need to learn  to cultivate a quiet expectation toward God, and slow our lives down and rest in the Lord.

This will not come easy; it is not in our natures. It is a spiritual discipline that must become intentional to take root and become a part of our spiritual make-up.

I don't believe we can grow spiritually unless we learn how to surrender to God and become still before Him.

Take the time to memorize, mediate, and practice Psalm 37:7. I will put the Psalm in my own words, so don't get too excited if you can't find it quite like this in your Bible.

Those who are following God! Slow your lives down; place yourself under God's authority and become silent and still before your God. As you live your lives in quiet obedience before God, you will learn how to wait patiently for Him. When you develop this spiritual disposition, you will begin to look at things from God's perspective, and those who seem to be getting away with all kinds of evil, you will know that they will eventually fall into the hands of the Living God.

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