Monday, January 30, 2012

Growing In Grace

"Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" 2 Peter 3:18

Here is a verse that tells us WHAT to do---"grow in grace and in knowledge, but you may ask, HOW do I "grow in grace and in knowledge?

 Let me ask you a few questions that you can use to examine your life to see if your are growing in grace and knowledge: 

Is your sense of sin becoming deeper?

Is your faith becoming stronger?

Is your hope in the promises of Christ becoming brighter?

Is your love for the Savior becoming more extensive?

Is  your spiritual-mindedness  becoming more marked?

Is your obedience becoming more consistent?

Is your inner life being characterized by more of Christ and less of yourself?

Is your trust in what Christ done for you on the cross captivating your heart more and more each day?

 Do you feel more of the power of godliness in your own heart?

After doing some real hard soul searching to see if your life is characterized by the above "marks," come to the savior and confess the areas of your weakness and ask for the Holy Spirit to work in you to produce  growth and movement. 

Listed below are some private MEANS of grace that a man must practice alone in order to grown in Christ:

 A man must practice  private prayer.

A man must be diligent in the private reading of the Scriptures.

 A man must stop always talking AT God and allow God to speak to him through the word that He has implanted in his soul.

A man must allow God to speak into his life.

A man must practice private self-examination.

The man who does not take labor in  these things, must never expect to grow. This is the root of Christianity!

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